I’m sort of looking forward to it because it hurts and after the surgery it won’t.

I’m also frustrated because I can’t seem to figure out this blog post and page post thing. Trying to get different photos on each page. Have to email Ani (blug guru).

4-23-15   Today I am getting invaluable help from my new “blog guru.”  She might laugh at that title, but it’s true. She is making this process that means so much to me – easier – much easier.  And fun, I’ve been laughing a lot with her.

The biggest news today is that I’m now going to switch to once a month therapy appointments. What a trip!

Retired from part-time job. Now there’s time to work with my new scroll saw – really want to make jigsaw puzzles for tourist spots up here in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. For instance, the Danville Corn Maze, Boxcar & Cabbose bookstore/coffee bar, Dog Mountain, Railroad St. (to include Caplans, Gauthier’s, Red Tag, Allen Lumber Fixtures, Moose River clothing, etc.).

Then there are the sheep skin hats – but that’s for the fall Farmer’s Market. My new scrolling budy has encouraged me to start in the summer so I’ll try a shared booth in July.

The walking canes are taking a back seat as the stripper I bought is not taking off the finish and painted cane with thick design. Could always buy a fresh batch of unfinished ones, but no money for that till I sell something else.

These projects developed out of my “Ideas List” chapter. Doing them, if only in my head kept me interested in life, when I was actually anything but.  More later.

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